The Putbacks – Kung Fu Pyramids b/w Snake Eyes

PutBacks-Pic-bW-653x1024The Putbacks Kung FuAhh yes, The Putbacks. A Down Under sensation that has collectors salivating for more funky sevens out of the Hope Street Recordings camp for quite some time. Well Pavlov’s dog, salivate no more, it is on its way. After a successful run backing up Emma Donovan, they’re back on their own doing funky things. “Kung Fu Pyramids”, a heavy drum and guitar funk choon is out November 9th. It’s a cinematic, spaghetti western of a track, chock full of little nuggets to keep the dance floor moving and your head bobbing. The haunted organ sound gives us a little Ethio/ psychedelic taste, but the overall feel of this new track is most definitely F-U-N-K. Keeping the tradition of roundhouse kicks and karate chops alive, this track hits you like the old dude by the pet store in Ghost Dog who a not so smart thug tried to rob. All the while, Forest Whittaker just stood in awe. Like Forest, you will stand in awe of this beauty. We love the inclusion of some psych sounds in this track. It’s not just for snotty record dudes anymore. The Putbacks are in a group of indie funk bands that have been expanding their sound into psychedelic/ afro funk/ garage areas and we absolutely dig it. This record is very limited to 150 copies worldwide, so if you want it, well you need to grab it now. It coincides with Emma Donovan and the Putbacks AWME showcase and independent label week and “copies sell and ship in numbered order from 9am on Tuesday November 10th. No preorders, no holds, no favors and no exceptions.” You hear that? If you want it, you need to get it or you miss the bus.

Get more information on the 45 and listen to “Kung Fu Pyramids” here.

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