The Many Faces of UGeorge

The Many Faces of UGeorgeEvery time we hear a record like The Many Faces of UGeorge, we breathe a sigh of relief. Hip Hop really still lives and breathes. It may be knocked down, but it’s not out. While most of the world is concerned about trap queens and hotlines (and the memes that go with them), the ’40 year old rapper’ just goes to work and gets the job done. Ya dig? A member of the super conglomerate group Soundsci (along Oxygen, Audessey, Supastition, and producers Ollie Teeba & Jonny Cuba), UGeorge’s solo effort let’s us have a peek into a grown man’s life from his perspective. The man is not just a dude who picked up rapping.

“If they can’t see your vulnerability, they can’t really see you”- UGeorge

An accomplished percussionist, singer, and guitar player, as well as a known poet, UGeorge is the real deal. He’s shared stages with legends such as Wu Tang and The Pharcyde, and lived through the Golden Age where it all began: NYC. All you need to do is open your ears up from the get go to know this cat is talented. You would know this if you were into Soundsci though. Each member can spit as a crew or solo. Then they form like Voltron and rock the stage like it’s a scene out of Wild Style. A lot of debates go on every day about being stuck in the boom bap or Golden Age. For us, it’s a timeless sound. Whether it’s ’88 and getting set straight, or the ’15 and cats are keeping the sound alive, you can’t deny that this kind of production is timeless. The difference between a UGeorge and young rappers these days who one, weren’t old enough to know about the Golden Age, and two won’t take the time to check out hip hop’s history and who came before them but still shit on it, is that UGeorge lived through it man. Those Park Jams with the elders and pioneers, the stage sharing with legends, it’s in a man. It comes out in his flow. Despite what you think, what shit you start on twitter to get attention, it has to be in you. It’s in UGeorge. You can’t take that from a man. Grown folk rap at it’s finest, intelligent, hard hitting beats, clever samples, and an undeniable flow, The Many Faces of UGeorge will keep you rockin’ to the breakadawn. Check out the snippet of the record below.

Get the record, out on Nov. 9th on World Expo Records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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