Blu – The Boys (Klaus Layer Remix)

Blu The BoysOne of our favorite producers at the moment (and a good part of last year) is Klaus Layer. Producing banging, atmospheric beats, each project has just enough of those neck breaking beats to keep us wanting more and more. Known in his homeland of Germany, he’s recently broke out here in the States with Redefinition Records and a bastion of releases that have been popping car stereo speakers and keeping cats head nodding from here to there. This time he takes on the track “The Boys” by Blu. An updated ‘Stop The Violence’ message, the Los Angeles rapper sends the message about to police brutality, he waxes poetic and hits home with the timely subject that is everywhere you look today: internet, tv, radio, and newspaper. Layer’s dreamy, stuttering and fluttering drums work perfectly and paint a picture of what’s going on today in the state of the police or police state. His beats paint a clear picture of the day by day struggle many people go through with this. Klaus Layer is a talented beat maker and producer who is forging straight ahead in a single lane, past everyone else who tries to sound like everyone else, except he just sounds like one person. Klaus Layer. Already proving he can tackle different projects with ease, he’s done himself, Blu, and Redefinition Records proud on this one. Don’t pass this unique record. This 45 is available on clear vinyl featuring a heavy black splatter effect, packaged in a picture sleeve.

Get the record here.

Check out the bandcamp page here.

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