Mukatsuku Records Are Our Friends 45 Record Bag

Muka 45 Bag 345s. Those of us who collect them are always looking for a bag to transport them in. Whether we are specifically digging for 45s out in the field or doing a set, we need to protect these little records with the big holes. Our friends over at Mukatsuku Records have just the thing. Not only do they put out some banging 45s, they’ve just released the bespoke Mukatsuku Records Are Our Friends 45 Record Bag. Made of durable Cordura fabric and manufactured in the UK, the bag is tough enough to resist abrasions, tears, and scuffs. It can hold up to 80 forty fives, so you’re good for a couple hour set or for stuffing the bag when out in the field. Ready to sling over your shoulder, you can represent Mukatsuku Records with a front patch embossed with their logo, and it comes complete with a laser etched key ring, stickers, and a signed insert. One of the cool features we like about the bag is that it just isn’t a flap that snaps over your records. There are two padded closures that fold over to protect the top of the bag (and your precious 45 cargo) even further. If you’re looking for something different in your 45 bag, check out this offering from Mukatsuku Records, they are definitely your friend. At an affordable price as well, this bag looks like it can not only get you from A to B with your seven inches, you can do it in style without breaking your bank (more cash for those records on your want list).

Muka 45 Bag

Muka 45 Bag 2

More info on the bag here.

Keep Diggin’!

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