Honey and The Bees – Music (Makes You Wanna Dance)

MusicRecordAH a T B Brewtown SingleAttention all you funky soul people, here’s a treat of Philly Soul for you today. The good people at Jamie/ Guyden, who brought you the beautiful and super tight Arctic Records Soul box Cooler Than Ice a few years ago, have teamed up with Philadelphia’s Brewerytown Beats for the first in an exclusive DJ series of reissued 45s. Up to bat is Honey and The Bees “Music (Makes You Wanna Dance) on the same Arctic Label. Originally a B-Side on the Ambassadors smash “Ain’t Got The Love” and written by Barbara Mason for Herley Johnson of the Ambassadors, it wasn’t warmly accepted by the band and kind of slid to the wayside of the A side. However, when given to Honey & the Bees, the track takes on a new life and interpretation. An upbeat, bass heavy, exploration into what psychedelic music can do to you, let Honey and The Bees move your mind in their own special way. Offered up on 45 for the first time and complete with the instrumental track on the flip, this is a a funky introduction to what this new series will be like. The release will mark a return to vinyl for the label in quite some time. They couldn’t have selected a better track to kick it off. We’re excited to see where this series is going to go as they dig deep into their vaults (and they are deep).

The tune itself was never reissued on vinyl before. Remixed by the great Tom Moulten from the original session tapes, so you know it’s got to be funky. Limited to a 500 piece release, this record will be available exclusively through Brewerytown Beats on November 27th. Check out the track below.

Available here on November 27th.

Keep Diggin’!

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