Marta Ren & The Groovelvets – I’m Not A Regular Woman b/w Be Ma Fela

Marta Ren 45Marta RenPure 45 dynamite soul this morning from Marta Ren & The Groovelvets on Record Kicks, as they take on the Lucille Mathis’sister funk belter. Breaking onto the scene in 2013 on the label, but by any means not a new comer, Marta was wailing soul tunes on the Portuguese music scene since the 1990’s and supporting the breakbeat outfit The Bombazines along with known DJs like DJ Andy Smith and DJ Format with a voice that can not be mistaken for quality. A veteran on the festival scene in Portugal with two albums under her belt, look for the Oporto soul sister’s upcoming release with the 8 piece band The Groovelvets in February 2016. With a powerful voice that would make the founding soul sisters proud, Marta Ren is looking to rule the world and make herself a household name. As some of the well know modern funk and soul singers are still pushing the genre forward, it only seems fitting that a singer like Marta Ren will be the next torch holder and carrier of the soul onto future generations. Big words yes, but with a voice like that, it seems that this is her destiny. A few years down the line when you see her everywhere, you can thank us. “I’m Not A Regular Woman” is what they call a CHOON. The flip, “Be My Fela” showcases an afro instrumental by her powerful backing band that the Black President himself would approve of. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, it would be in your best interest to grab this floor filler before it’s gone.

Pre-order the 45 here available December 4th 2015.

Keep Diggin’!

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