Excellent Reception Podcast

Excellent Receptionlil daveIf Philadelphia’s Lil’ Dave wasn’t busy enough, he’s recently started a new podcast called Excellent Reception. It’s an NPR style podcast exposing new music, how it connects the past and future, and brings new sounds to the listeners. Each tune is broken down, the history, how they’re connected to each other. It’s a chance to learn more about the music you love, and hear some stuff you might not have gotten a chance to get into.

“Coming in loud and clear with the sounds you need to hear.”- Lil’ Dave, Excellent Reception

An informative show, the first episode features music by Bilal, Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators, Mura Masa, Phony PPL, and Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment. Lil’ Dave is digging deeper, something we love to see. We dig getting turned on to new music, and with his experience and passion for playing good music, we’re anticipating some really great episodes. You can currently get the new podcast on iTunes as well as streaming over at Soundcloud. This is something that was immediately on our radar, and added to the podcast list. For now, the show will be monthly, hopefully going bi-weekly in the future. What’s great about it, is that it’s short, informative, and to the point. It packs a punch too. We love to align ourselves with good people, and this guy is one of them. Listen, learn, and enjoy.

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If you dig this, feel free to spread the word. It’s that good.

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