Our Label Records: 10 Years Strong

Tom_and_Gu_Our-Label-GermanyRecord labels come and go, but the solid ones stay just that, solid. Our Label Records has been going strong for 10 years, starting out in London, but now in Hamburg, Germany. They have been very busy putting out (and selling out) of a variety of 45s of the funky kind. Since the beginning, brothers Gu and Tom have made quite a name for themselves in the funk 45 game. Going on their twelfth 7″ release, they have put out belters from The New Master Sounds, the first Osaka Monaurail record outside of Japan, linked with the mighty Keb Darge to put out a collaboration outside of Kay-Dee, and have released music from artists all over the world (eight countries and counting). Personally, FMF was introduced to the label through a private sale of The Magnificent Freedom and Keb Darge collaboration 45 “Fuck Off and Leave Me Alone”, a whirlwind of upbeat, funky madness that we still play out to this day. Since then, we have scooped up all of the Our Label Records we could get our hands on and promoted them to the fullest. Our Label records is unique. They prefer quality over quality, and after a good amount of time having their records distributed by someone else, they now are distribute their own 45s, which is a great thing. If you haven’t hard about this great label and you enjoy funk music from around the world, then it’s about time you get familiar with their back catalog. Below are some shots from their 10 Year Anniversary parties.Our Records 10  1
Happy-Crowd_OLR_Party-BremenThe crowd getting down at the Bremen party.

Crowd-at-Mojo-Club_10-years-Our-Label-GermanyThe crowd at Mojo Club Hamburg.

Check out some sounds from the label:

Get more info on this label here.

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