D.I.T.C. Limited Edition Apparel

DITC HoodiesIn conjunction with D.I.T.C. Studios to mark the release of the Deluxe Edition double disc CD of last year’s release, D.I.T.C The Remix Project, Slice of Spice is offering up some limited edition apparel available 12.18. You see, D.I.T.C. has been quite busy. With a new studio in the Bronx, and a new record in 2016, they’re putting out limited tees and hoodies that will be printed up one time. That’s one time. After the pre-sale, they’re gone. Printed with a special 3M ink, they look normal during the day, but under a flash the lettering pops, a nice bonus. So if you’re a Diggin’ In The Crates fan, this is your chance to own a piece of their history. In fact, they’re also resurrecting the D.I.T.C The Remix Project since it sold out quick the first time. This round, they revived it with a ‘Deluxe’ format. It includes the instrumentals on a 2nd disc. The package itself is presented in a mini gate fold jacket with silver foil embossed detailing. DITC Studios

As we said, 2016 is going to be a big year for D.I.T.C. With the resurrection of D.I.T.C. Records (in collaboration with Slice of Spice) and releases from D.I.T.C., Showbiz & A.G., O.C., plus their weekly Beats Per Minute sessions where the crew collaborates with the newest and best emcess and producers, it’s a welcome return of the legendary crew.

Pre-order the apparel and more here.

More info on D.I.T.C. here.

Keep Diggin’!

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