Color Guard By James Alexander Warren

Ray_Ban_COLOR_GUARD_POSTERWhen we first heard Kamasi Washington’s The Epic, it was like modern jazz music had been jump started for us again. It was new and it brought back memories of the old guard, which we constantly listen to here in the FMF labs. So when we heard that he was scoring the short film Color Guard by Alex Warren, we wanted to share it with you. Color Guard, which stars comedian Rory Scovel is a comedy about a young girl (Clover Nee) who wants a bedtime story from her Uncle (Jamie Granato). That’s where the fun starts. His tale of joyless adults who are color blind fascinate his young niece. It’s a great short comedy with music from one of the best out there, Kamasi Washington. Part of Ray Ban’s Never Hide Films #campaign4change series, both the script and music are original. A bonus for Kamasi fans. Alex WarrenWhile we like to offer new, original, releases here at FMF, we’re huge fans of cinema, and when one of our favorite musicians at the moment gets involved in a project like this, we feel it’s important to pass it on. Now, if Donnie Trumpet is scoring some movies that anyone knows of, get at us. Check out the film below, and pass it on if you dig.

We love a good infusion of art, comedy, and music. Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. Be original, think different, promote the arts.

Keep Diggin’!

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