FREE DOWNLOAD: Maggie Somers – The Name Game

ATA Hard Work 1ATA Records is back with another installment from Hard Work No Pay Vol. 1. It’s a free download, and who doesn’t love free music? This time around it’s Maggie Somers taking on the Shirley Ellis classic “The Name Game”. Although Somers did not grow up in a musical household, she learned to sing at an early age, tackling traditional hymns and folk songs. As she got older, she was drawn to artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, as well as the great Billie Holiday. From these three she would pick up her own style, and a jazzy, bluesy side of the singer started to emerge. Her smoky, dusty vocals can be heard on her take on this track. The lads at ATA were passed a demo of this (old as it was), and decided that her delivery and voice were right up there with the Ellis original. We tend to agree. Often times cover tunes are not up to snuff, change the song entirely, or just don’t make sense. There are many that do though, and this one is one of them. Give a listen to this superb cover and enjoy your weekend.

Get your free download here.

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