Kayohes, V3rb & Rusher – Some Way, Some How b/w March On


Origu 2For the second release of Origi Records, we’ve got another banger for the masses with a US/ Germany collaboration. Emcees Kayohes and V3rb team up with producer filmmaker Rusher to drop a double sided heater of a 45. On the first track “Some Way, Some How” we get some ‘laid back in the sun type of shit’. A 90’s influenced, jazzy sample of Fender Rhodes ride with Kayohes and V3rb keeping it mellow with plenty head nodding on this side. This is one of the best hip hop tracks out there at the moment. Reminiscent of those backpack days (Sound Providers, etc.), this is something special. The flip, “March On” sees Rusher flipping a tight horn sample with hard drums, Nas shout outs and dope cuts by DJ S.R. You see people, there is a lot more out there than Hotline Bling or Trap Queen. Origu are digging deeper, putting out records for the real heads that the masses will not understand, because the music is deeper. Made especially for those die hards, the real hip hop ambassadors, this 45 might go right over some people’s noggins. I have no qualms saying that. This shit is deep. There needs to be more hip hop like this: Intelligent lyrics and cleverly made beats with deep samples. Blood, sweat and tears in two countries coming together to put out sorely needed music in today’s climate of shoddy mid 70 tempo beats and slobbering, slurring lyrics. This is how it should be done, and we send a huge salute out to the artists and record label for getting this in our hands. Listen to both tracks and check out the video for “March On” as well.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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