Brewertytown Custom 45 Cases

B Town Full LIneAs if you couldn’t have enough 45 cases, here’s some custom boxes that any 45 lover (or record lover) would want to find in their pile of goodies for the holidays. The Brewerytown Case & Crate Company out of the city of Philadelphia are putting themselves into the custom record box game. They’re not messing about either. As sturdy as they are finely crafted, the wooden hard boxes are a design and record geek’s dream. The best of both worlds, you can carry your 45s in style to your next gig.

BTown 45 CasesThe above box is a custom 45 hard case made of pine with walnut trim. With features such as a recessed handle, a butterfly latch, protective corners, and removable hinges, it’s a welcome edition to your fleet of vinyl transportation. Complete with a gray foam interior to protect the cargo, it measures 4 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ inside and holds about 40 to 50 7″ records.

BTown 45 Cases LargeIf you’re looking for something to hold a few more 45s, then there is a medium size case. This measures 6″ x 7 3/4″ inside (with foam padding) and features a top mount handle, removable hinges at the back, and is made of pine with walnut trim. It will hold approximately 80 7″ records.

B Town Large Case OpenThe largest of the cases measures 10″ x 7 3/4″ and features two butterfly latches, protective corners, recessed handles, a gray foam inside and is made of pine with walnut trim like the others. This bad boy holds anywhere from 125 to 150 45 records.

There are a few other variations of hardware color, etc., and we’re not sure if they will build custom pieces, but it can’t hurt to ask. These boxes are top notch. We love to see these guys jump into the record box game. In fact, since we first reviewed the Ottbox way back when, there have been some really great editions to the custom record box market. We will be reviewing and highlighting these companies in future articles. For now, if you’re interested in Philadelphia’s Brewerytown Case & Crate Company get with the link below and ask them anything you want.

B Town Crate and Case Logo

Get the cases here.

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