Nine Sparks Riots – The Redeemer

PerssonComing out of Stockholm, Sweden, Nine Sparks Riots merge soul, funk, and jazz to bring us a special blend of smooth grooves. Led by the talented composer and musican Kristian Persson, he’s gathered a bright array of cats to put together a unique sound. With Persson on vocals and trombone, he has also enlisted Emmanuel Hailemariam on guitar, Johan Hansén-Larson on bass, Rasmus Svensson-Blixt on drums, Karl Olandersson on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Andreas Gidlund on tenor and baritone saxophone. A Swedish super group of sorts, these musicians are doing big things in their own right. Put them together and they form like Voltron for this jazzy crossover tune. “The Redeemer” starts out mellow with Persson’s vocals mellow over some horns. As the track builds over drums and the vocals soar higher. “I was such an easy target since I lost my gurad”, then more percussion, a great bass line, and the track takes a life of its own. Mellow grooves throughout, it’s a different sound that grows on you. It’s infectious, clinging like the dew does to the grass on a spring morning. A guitar solo takes you out and you’re pressing the play button over and over again. We dig this fresh sound. Jazzy, soulful, and funky all at the same time. Produced by Gustav Orphée Noah, this track is a definite keeper. Listen to it in full below:

Buy the track here.

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