Paz Antiguana – Christmas In The Kitchen

PAZ Antiguana LargeIt’s that time of the year once again, and our good friends Paz Antiguana are back with another year of Christmas Cheer, or (Noël 2015). Last year’s Noël 2014 was quite enjoyable, and well, this year’s is even better. The band tackle the holidays in the kitchen and since “The end is where we start from”, so why not start with a song, a sappy one? Because during Christmas time “every song is sappy”, right? Vocalist Corina Santana sounds as good as ever as the band adds their own latin flavor to the holiday tune.

“This is a special time
Christmas in the kitchen
All the instruments chime
This is a true heaven”

This is definitely one to add to the holiday rotation. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, wrapping presents, or need something special for your yearly holiday mix, Paz Antiguana give you a musical gift to end the year and start the new year. Thanks to the band for this special track and video to accompany it.

Keep Diggin’!

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