Revisiting DJ Andy Smith’s The Document

The Document Set Up Photo Courtesy of DJ Andy Smith

Who hear remembers DJ Andy Smith’s Document series? For this author, one of the most influential mixes in his DJ career. By the time this mix was released, I had seen Bambaataa play live, listened to a myriad of different DJ mix tapes, and turntablism mixes. What struck me with The Document was how Smith carried that torch of diversity that Bam, Herc, and Flash started and expanded on it with this ground breaking release. I heard it live on the radio way back when as well. The doubles, the beat juggling, and the selection (Jungle Brothers, Tom Jones, Spencer Davis, James Gang, Meters, Jeru, etc.) was something that kept this mix in heavy rotation for years. In fact, I reached out to Andy many years ago to be featured on Flea Market Funk. He happily agreed to be featured in our Big Ups series. Since then, Andy has doing his thing spreading the good work of northern soul, jump blues, rocksteady, ska, hip hop and more throughout his all 45 gigs around the globe. A part of the heralded 45 Live Crew with many other talented 7″ slingers, he is known for digging deep and as a top selector. The photo above was on social media with the following words:

“Spent most of the afternoon remembering how I made the wax into the CD 18 odd years ago in preparation for my gig on Friday 1st Jan in Port Rush, Ireland where I will be performing ‘ The Document 1’ live on vinyl (If I can remember what I did!).”- DJ Andy Smith

That’s right. On January 1st in Port Rush, Ireland, DJ Andy Smith will be DJing, but before the gig will do The Document live in its entirety. Now that’s a treat. I’m not sure if people realize what a big deal that is. If you got to see him open for Portishead and do his thing, you were fortunate. If you’ve seen him previously dropping gems out of his seven inch bag of tricks, that’s a good time as well. But to see him perform this classic mix live from start to finish is pretty cool. His Document series continued on and made waves and in my opinion, is one of the best mix tape series ever. If you’re not familiar with it, check below.

Visit DJ Andy Smith’s mixcloud for more great mixes.

Keep Diggin’!

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