The Soul Saints Orchestra: Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul

Funky X MasWith only five days left until the Christmas holidays, I thought I’d lead up into the week with a few funky tracks to get all of you in the spirit. While I was running errands the other day, the mighty WFMU, the Fun 91 reminded me of this classic track. So much, I needed to talk about it today. The Soul Saints Orchestra “Santa’s Got A Bag of Soul” is dynomite and out of sight! One of the many incarnations of the Poets of Rhythm and the genius of JJ Whitefield, if you close your eyes, you get transported to a simpler, funky time. A time when the drums were hard, and the spirit of Christmas was all over the place. Up there with “Backdoor Santa” and ‘Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto” (which we may visit this week), this slice of X-mas heat was originally released on Hotpie & Candy Records. Famously cut up by Edan with one hand (and a mic in the other) and rapped over for a Daptone Record promo, ‘Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul’ is one of the funkiest holiday 45s out there. It’s only fitting that we give it it’s propers. If you’re not familiar, we than welcome to the funky Christmas party. There’s more out there than The Little Drummer boy. A rum pa pum pum. Listen to it in all its glory below:

Get it on the Daptone compilation here.

Keep Diggin’!

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