FREE DOWNLOAD: DJ Format and Mr Thing – Holy Shit Mix (Pt​.​1 + 2)

Holy ShitFile Under In Case You Missed, this dope mix by two of the best in the game, DJ Format and Mr. Thing was originally released on CD in 2009. It’s available as a download for the first time since. Holy Shit is a mix of religious records (records on a religious label or regular records that weren’t usually associated with religion) found at charity shops, bargain bins, boot sales, and the like by these two ace DJs, diggers, and producers. Not the first to do this (or maybe they were), but certainly up there with the best of the best in digging mix tapes, this dynamic duo make it a B-Boy delight with tight cuts, scratches, and of course open drums to move to. We weren’t aware of this mix previously, and it’s timeless sound holds up seven years later and definitely into the future. For those of you that pick up this kind of stuff, you know how tedious and time consuming buying religious type records are. To assemble almost an hour’s worth of quality breaks, beats, etc. is amazing (and we’re not just talking Ocean drum breaks either). Throw in the Monty Python bits for good measure, and it’s one helluva funky ride. Check out the mix below:

Keep Diggin’!

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