Big Ups With DJ Maseo

Maseo PolaroidGrowing up in South Jersey in the 80’s and 90’s, we got exposed to hip hop through different outlets. While a lot of these groups sounded the same, the record skipped when 3 Feet High and Rising dropped from De La Soul. The sample usage, the rapping style, the look, that’s when the Native Tongues came into my life. As I grew older, so did they. As they evolved musically, so did I. They’re one of the longest lasting hip hop acts in the business, and their popularity is at an all time high as well. If you need any further proof, just look to how fans reacted to their Kickstarter campaign not too long ago. So it’s only fitting that after a long minute, we got to sit down with Plug 3, aka DJ Maseo here in Big Ups. He’s constantly on the road all over the globe, but managed to talk about digging in Japan, his love of 45s, and some memories from the golden age of hip hop. Please enjoy.

DJ Maseo Big Ups Page 1

DJ Maseo Big Ups Page 2

DJ Maseo Big Ups Page 3

DJ Maseo Big Ups Page 4

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