Mr. Bongos’ Brazil 45s 37 & 38

Mr. Bongo Brazil 45s 5BRZ45037-LABEL-1_1024x1024For numbers 37 and 38 in the Brazil 45s Series, Mr. Bongo has dug a bit deeper on these two (as if the series wasn’t deep enough). Number 37 is Noelita’s “Sambalanca”, an upbeat samba track from 1973 that will get the most sentient of people up and grooving. Organ, horns, and beautiful percussion pepper this side just right. The flip, a classic from Doris Monteiro with “E Isso Ai”, will be more recognizable than the A. Covered time and again, this side in it’s original version was recorded in 1971. The second release, Number 38 features Taiguara and “Aquarela De Um País Na Lua”, a psychedelic jazz fusion track by an artist that has been censored many times and actually exiled in London in the 70’s. This track is vibrant in so any ways. For us, it’s the flip that is the winner of both records. Marisa Rossi’s “Deixa Eu Te Amar” is a psychedelic soul bomb that fills your ears full of organ, tough drums, and a bass line that tight and funky in so many ways. Originally released in 1970 and arranged by Arthur Verocai, this one gets our blood pumping. Mr. Bongo is doing a bang up job of getting these hard to obtain Brazilian classics and gems to the masses. Check out the tracks below:

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Keep Diggin’!

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