PREMIERE: K Def featuring Damu , Blu & Kunal – Strawberry Lemonade

K Def RaritiesFor those who search for quality hip hop, search no more. Today we have another premiere track from the good people at ReDefinition Records. From the first needle drop to the very last beat of “Strawberry Lemonade”, off of K-Def’s second album to drop on January 29, 2016 The Way It Was, you’re paying attention. With help from Blu, Damu, and new contributor Kunal (who will appear on the new Klaus Layer project), this track keeps your blood pumping and your head nodding to its completion. The way it was is the way it is on this track (and the LP), giving you that classic feel as only K-Def can do it. The horn sample is on point, and the drums are tight as usual. As a whole, the full length record is a collection of unheard tracks from the vaults, rarities, and some brand new vocal collaborations. If you love the 90’s then you’re in luck because it contains some instrumentals that were connected to Lords of The Underground, Mic Geronimo, Tragedy and others. Also included is a track that was made for KRS One’s Return of The Boom Bap, ended up on the cutting room floor and was never released. As a whole, it’s K-Def using the same processes he did in the 90’s on these newer tracks, plus resurrecting these very dope sides and beats people have never heard. This record really shows you the depth of K-Def’s talents. How he can revisit a technique he never forgot and create timeless sounds. On this track “Strawberry Lemonade, Damu proves he can spit better than a lot of people out there now, and Blu and Kunal hold it down quite nicely as well. It seems like the mesh well together as a squad, and here’s hoping they will turn up on another track together in the future. Quite honestly, the bar is raised higher with every K-Def release, because dude is a monster in the studio. This is hip hop, pure and simple. Check out the track below. Kick off your Tims and let your toes tap. It’s time to feel good in hip hop again and again.

Get the record in steel blue colotr vinyl here.

Keep Diggin’!

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