Alpman – Waking Dream

03WakingDream_LRWhile most of my East Coast brederen are digging out of a massive snow dump we had over the weekend, our man in Instanbul has been busy. Alpman, the one man multi-instrumentalist and party rocker has been in the lab again. When we first met Alpman, he was creating his signature Spychedelic sound. Drawing from old Turkish psychedelic and funk records, eerie organ tracks, we were easily drawn in and hooked. While this sound is still a part of his arsenal, the last few tracks we have gotten him have been lo-fi disco bangers. We’re excited to bring another track from his monthly Alpman series. The newest side, “Waking Dream”, is an atmospheric, bass driven floor shaker that builds steam and weaves in and out of moving bodies, sweaty grooves, and dancing until the break of day. His last track made it on to Gilles Peterson’s show, so you know he has arrived.

Here’s what Alpman had to say about the new track:

“I’m chasing an analog and natural dance music sound at most basic definition. I don’t like naming things in music, but if I need you to explain this song as a genre, I’d say disco/funk. The feeling behind this song is very simple actually. Think like this; you’re at your home or favourite venue. A friendly band shows up and plays this. You can dance if you want it but you can still sit back and enjoy the music with your friends. Or just alone. ”

Check out the track below:

More Alpman tracks here.

Keep Diggin’!

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