The Magnificent Tape Band – Patterns In My Mind

Patterns in My Mind (feat Rachel Modest) - The Magnificent Tape BandATA Records are back with another dope 45 for your racks. The alter ego of ATA founders Neil Innes and Pete Williams, The Magnificent Tape Band, will have you shaking your head wondering how this is actually a new record. Adding vocalist Rachel Modest to the mix, this seven inch has dusty fingers written all over it. Drawing her vocal inspiration from artists like Dee Dee Warwick, Dusty Springfield, Madeline Bell and others, her unique voice stands out tremendously on this track. This track could easily be mistaken for William Bell of the Delfonics or a long lost Adrian Younge track. It is the masterminds of the two ATA founders, who, once again drop heat our way with this 45. The combination of British library music and psychedelic soul make it a super unique sound. In fact, it’s a sound that a lot of crate diggers and producers drool over when they hear it. It’s not common to get that sound today. Only a few pull it off well, Adrian Younge being one of the top. Put Modest’s voice up against the clavinet, organ, and near perfect drums and you have a track that will turn heads. Following in the footsteps of a band like The Menehan Street band, who were sampled by Jay Z, this track, even as we hear it for the first time screams: “Sample Me!” This for sure will be in our box for those late night sessions where people come running up to the decks clamoring to find out what this is. Well done ATA Records, you’re quickly putting yourself atop the pile of library music made today that sounds like it came from the late 60’s. ‘Patterns In My Mind” was recorded on all vintage equipment, and the sound is unmistakable. The flip is a reworked instrumental of the A, and is indeed in a league of its own. Check out the track below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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