The Vinyl Brotherhood

The Vinyl BrotherhoodAs long as we have been collecting vinyl records here at FleaMarket Funk, we have had people that helped influence our vinyl collecting. Personally, my father was a big influence early on, and then it became older DJs, colleagues, and fellow diggers who influenced and schooled me in the ways of good music. I’ve written about it before, how digging for and buying records has never been a competition with my circle, and it got even more open when I started this site. Music is meant to be heard and shared, not hid away or put high up on a wall somewhere where no one can grab it or afford to listen to it. With an open mind and a good attitude, the music and knowledge you share with your vinyl brethren will only make you a better and open minded person. An enlightened vinyl collector so to speak. It will also help you find the music you might not have ever gotten into had you not shared. Those who hold the knowledge back end up falling into that “typical vinyl guy” category. The dude who’s pushing his way through Saturday morning digs or grabbing the record out of your hand and yelling that “you’re taking food out of my kid’s mouths” or “y’all don’t know shit about records”. We get it dude, you are the record king. But you have no kingdom. You have no squad. You’re a lone wolf who sits alone listening to your blues 78s wherever your hovel is. That is a choice people make. Not my scene, but to each his or her own. I prefer to, after many years of getting bullshitted, to surround myself with genuine people. Real people who do real things. People who are confident with themselves and don’t believe every record you speak about is a threat to whatever you do. Think of the sharing like a good record store clerk who always has a great suggestion based on your buying habits in the shop, but these are personal friends who are have a vested interest in great music (and you) and thoroughly want others to enjoy the same thing: great records.

Music is meant to be heard and shared, not hid away or put high up on a wall somewhere where no one can grab it or afford to listen to it.

A DJ friend of mine recently tipped me off to a huge collection that was going to be sold. He carefully helped the dude curate the massive amount of boxes so it could be sold to the public. He got first dibs and then had some other collectors/ DJs get in it, including me. With a tight schedule and kids I managed to get through only a quarter of the collection. I did well, and hopefully will get in it again. It’s been open to some notable collectors/ DJs who have been pulling out heat. Was I mad that I couldn’t get what they got? Hell no! We can’t have every record in the world, so I was excited for my vinyl brothers to get in there and start pulling out some lava rocks. In a perfect world, where there is unlimited funds and unlimited time, I could have just bought the whole collection. That’s not the case though, and for me, getting a grip of 45s that I need to mint up on, or finding records I had never seen in the field before was enough. The fact is that I’m super stoked for guys I know to get records they want, or find new discoveries like me. That’s the thrill of the chase. I’m sure many of these records can be bought on auctions online, but again, it’s the thrill of the chase, the hunt, and the dig that gets us all excited. That’s what unites us. So if you want to have all the records for yourself and brag to your cat about this rare psych folk private press jammy you dug up, have at it. For me, I am going to stick by my vinyl brotherhood and share the wealth and knowledge in this record game. Thanks to all the stand up people who do the same. Now what are you waiting for? Go discover some records. Oh yeah, and this design will be tweeked into a new t-shirt.

Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “The Vinyl Brotherhood

  1. Agreed…music is to be shared not hidden! Keep up the great work and I’ll keep an eye out for this t-shirt!

  2. Well said…music is to be shared and not hidden. Keepin and eye out for that t-shirt!

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