Spaceark – Do What You Can Do

Spaceark 45 Crates of SoulFor their second release, Crates of Soul Records has chosen to highlight the obscure California band Spaceark who put out the track on the Color World label in 1976. This record made the rounds at many prominent Northern Soul hubs, and the crew over at Crates Of Soul figured it needed to be introduced to the record buying public once again. In our opinion, a good move. A lot of people have not heard of both of these rather obscure side, which fetch a pretty penny in their original presssings. For those unfamiliar with this slab of goodness, the A, ‘Do What You Can Do” is an upbeat stepper that gets bodies moving from the first drop of the needle. Soulful yes, and as it says “Keep on steppin”, this side will have people steppin’ in all kinds of ways. The flip, “Don’t Stop” is a heavy track filled with Dolores Hardy’s haunting funky vocals, some delicious horns and organ, and a drum beat that will make your partner slap you to make sure it’s not a dream. This side has been released before, both on an album cut and compact disc only. A record with both of these cuts on is top notch, especially on 45. This release is limited to 200 units pressed (which is truly limited), so if you want one act now, it will be gone soon. Then you’ll be scouring Discogs or ebay for one at an inflated price. Have a listen to this cracker below. It’s been on repeat since we got it in the studio.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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