Misha Panfilov Sound Combo – Escalator

FNR-058Leave it to Detroit’s Funk Night Records to put out another funk banger from someone you never have heard of. Why, may you ask? Because he can, that’s why. He has championed exotic funk from places like St. Petersburg, Russia, and now here comes a banger from Tallinn, Estonia. FNR’s DIY attitude has attracted artists from the world over, and honcho Frank Raines continues to innovate and bring quality records to the masses. This without even having a website. In the past it was social media and word of mouth. Fear not people, there is finally a FNR web store where you can load up on the massive amount of 45s (until they are all gone) that you don’t have. As for this forty five, it lives up to the history of the label. All the right elements are in pace. With psychedelic undertones and a knocking back beat, “Escalotor” is heavy fuzz funk at its finest. The flip, “Lunar Sleepwalk” is a spacey trip through some 70’s science fiction show themes with heavy drums, lots of noise, and of course drums that bang. More fuzz, synth lines and a bass line groove that was cool way before the X-Files was around. Think Kolchak The Nightstalker investigating supernatural crimes to this side. Now fast forward 40 years and here is a band putting out timeless funk that will still bang in another 30. If you’re not up on Funk Night Records, you are now. Frank has been doing it for years. His formula is simple: put out good music. Repeat. If you love funk music, then there is no reason to not love Funk Night Records. These are the 45s that will be scarce in years to come and coveted by collectors. You heard it here once again. Check out both sides tot he record below.

Get the record here.

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