FleaMarket Funk x ChicpeaJC

DJ Prestige Chic PeaJC 1Photos by @nvbill

I had the distinct pleasure of getting interviewed by the Jersey City site on goings on: Chicpea JC. Run by Lynn Hazen, it is a daily destination of the what’s happening in JC and contains lots of profiles on Jersey City residents of all walks of life. from restaurateurs to artists to business owners and more, the site is a who’s who of Chilltown USA. I was asked a few months ago to be profiles, and had Lynn and her photographer come over to Greenville Studios and take a look at what we do. I spoke candidly about my career as a DJ, my obsession with vinyl record culture, and why I love Jersey City. I want to stress that I’m new here to the City, and far from the first person to champion vinyl records in this great city. There have been people like my friend Pat James Longo aka Primitive Sound System and long time vinyl slingers like Chuck Daly and others who have been holding down the vinyl front long before I started to take root here. We are all a part of this vinyl community and this interview was just to highlight what I have going on with this site and other projects. Hopefully in time, the site will also focus on many of our city’s great vinyl people and highlight them as well. It’s definitely a great group of characters.

DJ Prestige Chic PeaJC 2

Check out the link below to get the full interview and check out a special video I made to go along with it. Most of the records in the video I had just bought off of @collectorscum, another prominent Jersey City vinyl dude. The community in Jersey City itself is great, and the vinyl record community in my opinion is one of the best I’ve ever been involved in. I’m honored to be featured on the site and be a part of such a creative community here in JC. Please enjoy. Thanks for taking the time out to read it. Cheers.

FleaMarket Funk x ChicpeaJC interview.

More on ChicpeaJC here.

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