Big Ups With DJ Zimmie

DJ Zimmie Polaroid_600What can we say about DJ Zimmie that hasn’t already been said? Touring DJ, producer, filmmaker, and all around good guy, Zimmie has partnered up with companies like Puma, Redbull, Cartoon Network, and Scion among others to rock parties around the globe. He took some time out of his busy schedule and sat down with FleaMarket Funk to get the Big Ups treatment. Your favorite DJ you never heard of, we’re well pleased to have Zimmie in this series. Please enjoy.

DJ Zimmie Big Ups Page 1
DJ Zimmie Big Ups Page 2
DJ Zimmie Big Ups Page 3
Check out the trailer for DJ Zimmie’s new documentary here.

More on DJ Zimmie here.

Photo Credit, Polaroid manipulation by FMF.

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