Donuts Forty5 Adapters By Damir Brand

Donuts 45 Adapter 1For those of you who sling 45s on the regular like we do, we are always looking for interesting forty five adapters. We’ve seen a good amount come down the pike over the years, Short ones, tall ones, metal ones, plastic ones, wood ones, ineffective ones, and more. We’ve been totally smitten with our Wax Rax adapters that get the job done in any condition. High light or low light, when you need to get something on (or off) the platter fast, they never fail. However, here are some adapters that just came out, and they are a bit different. If you want to spice up your adapter game a bit, we just found some “Donuts” Forty5 Adapters By Damir Brand. From the looks of them, they look pretty sweet (pun intended). Forget about the Dilla Donuts reference, we here at FMF really just love donuts. Why wouldn’t we love some adapters that reminded us of our favorite treat?
Donuts 45 Adapter 2These adapters are hand painted and come in a pink or multi-colored sprinkles style. They even come in their own donuts clear box which we definitely dig. Made by Damir Brand, who are not so much a brand as they are a lifestyle (the name Damir means to give peace), these fun adapters add a little life to the brushed aluminum and drab muted colors of the adapter game.

Donuts 45 Adapter 3

We’ve got ours, so when are you getting yours? Unfortunately, you can’t eat them, so don’t even try. These donuts are for spinning people, specifically 45s. Now you don’t have to be so serious with your limited edition represses or first pressing sevens. You’ll forever be remembered as the DJ that spins with donuts. After all, they are just records. Yeah I just said it. They are made for playing. Check out the site and the Donuts Forty5 Adapters By Damir Brand below. Happy spinning.

Get the 45 adapters here.

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