The Francis Wolves – Gothic Surf Club

The Francis WolvesMaking their way out of the Brisbane underground comes an eight piece garage afro soul band known as The Francis Wolves. The band features some of the most exciting musicians out of the Brisbane scene: Dave Kemp (drums), Brian L’Huillier (bass), Jason Elliot (guitar), Kellee Green (organ), Rohan Hardy (baritone saxophone), Andrew Butt (tenor saxophone), Michael Rogers (trumpet), and Tanja Hafenstein (percussion). Not only do they have a refreshing sound, but their own very description of their music (garage afro soul) encapsulates the wide variety of influences that help fuel their souls and music. Contrasting artists such as Fela Kuti, Curtis Mayfield, Malatu Astatke, and Iggy Pop’s Stooges to name a few shaped the sound of The Francis Wolves. Today we are featuring their second seven inch “Gothic Surf Club”. Haunting organ and tight drums highlight this cinematic soundscape that also features some psychedelic guitar and a grip of horns. While the tune weaves in and out of pyschy guitars and afro horns, it does have a surf feel to it, which we absolutely love. We’d be lying if we said that we are not intrigued and delighted of the amount of these types of bands that are cropping up all over the globe the last few years. From Texas to San Diego, and now as far as Brisbane, Australia, it’s a sound that can not be denied. With a full length due out in April of this year, they are sure to turn heads and make some waves around the globe. They also have a few 45s under their belt, so be on the look out for them. You can check out the first 45 (and accomopanying video) for “Valley Heat” here. With a sound that captures not just your ears but the sense of smell (think smokey clubs, sweat from dancing and a hint of late night incense) as well, it’s a band like The Francis Wolves that will have you dropping the needle again and again. Check out the new single below.

Here’s a live video of “Gothic Surf Club”

More on The Francis Wolves here.

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