Soundsci – Ronin

SoundsciSoundsci Ronin 7 inchThe crew known as Soundsci is back! This time they have a new member (Supastition), and the if the first single “Ronin” from their new World Expo record “Walk The Earth” is any indication of what we’re in for, then get ready for a stiff neck from the amount of head nodding it creates. A tale of the masterless samurai told over some hard hitting drums and atmospheric soul, this crew once again puts down hip hop tracks most of these cats today wish they could. It’s another clear case of great music that only goes to people who are in the know, because the lemmings that follow so called hip hop are still talking about Jumpman. They don’t dig deeper for the gems like this. If you want slurry beats and moronic lyrics that you can barely understand, this record is not for you. If you are into the people who dedicate their life to this lifestyle, make music like this, and tell it like it really is, then this is for you. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk they walk.

“This life may be for some, and it may not be for others, but it is for us.” – Soundsci

These like minded individuals, all very capable at making music on their own (and are successful in their own right), come together and put the super in supergroup. For the flip of this 45 they enlist not one, but two DMC and ITF Champion DJs in Mr. Thing and DJ Woody (plus even more turntable goodness from DJ Ollie Teeba) to highlight the b-boy once again. “All Hands On Deck” is an apt title as each member goes toe to toe with the DJs as they cut it up over some uptempo break beats. This definitely needs your own piece of linoleum or card board, as they’re taking it back to the essence on this track. We miss the crew records that highlight DJs, but if you do too, you’re in luck with this 45 from Soudsci. One of three 45s World Expo will be releasing this year, it’s already another great start for the label and the group in 2016. File under indie hip hop and under “E” for excellent. Well done lads.

Get the record here.

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