Cross Bronx Expressway – Cross Bronx Expressway b/w Help Your Brothers

Cross Bronx Expressway AnimationCross Bronx Expressway CBERocafort Records digs deep once again to bring a slice of forgotten funk and soul from New York City to your turntables. Originally the house band for J & S Records owned by female record producer Zelma Sanders, it was first put out on Zell’s on seven inch. sought after by many a funk and soul collector, the good people at Rocafort officially licensed these two jams for the now generation to experience its goodness. The band were mostly self taught musicians, and the rumor is that they had some extra studio time and laid down these tracks in only a few takes. The self titled track “Cross Bronx Expressway” is a high tempo, bass filled car chase track. Take a ride on the CBE as they weave in and out of traffic and listen to that funky organ does its thing. Lots of percussion and a great drum break (let’s not forget some nasty guitar licks as well) will have you lifting the needle and dropping it over and over again. A dance floor filler if there ever was one. The flip, “Help Your Brothers” is an uplifting, positive message filled funk track. Heavy on the wah wah guitars and hard back beat, CBE issue a call to arms to help your fellow manin the funkiest way they can in 1974. You can listen to the original tracks here and here. Check out Rocafort’s animated teaser video for the record below, skillfully done by Manon Richards.

Get the record here.

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