Big Ups With Eli “PaperBoy” Reed

Eli Paperboy Reed Polaroid_600With a decade’s worth of records, touring, and making music his own way, Eli “Paperboy” Reed stands out in a crowd in the often cookie cutter music scene that is 2016. While we try to highlight many of these artists, this is a guy that has been on our list for a while. A successful singer, musician, bandleader, major label performer, DJ and vinyl record digger (among other things), his tale is an interesting one. He took time out of preparing for his new tour that starts March 12th in Washington D.C,. loops through the South and then ends up in Brookline, Mass. on March 30th to get the Big Ups treatment here on the pages of FMF. His new record My Way Home comes out June 10th on Yep Roc Records. Sit down and enjoy Mr. Eli “Paperboy” Reed.

Eli Paperboy Reed Big Ups Page 1

Eli Paperboy Reed Big Ups Page 2

Eli Paperboy Reed Big Ups Page 3

Check out the new video for “Hold Out” from the

Live At Union Pool

Eli “Paperboy” Reed Tour Dates:

EPR Tour Dates

Mre info on Eli “Paperboy” Reed here.

Keep Diggin’!

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