Mr. Thing Plays Sampled Library Music

Mr Thing Plays Sampled Library MusicFor those of you who aren’t in the know, Mr. Thing is one of the finest DJs in the world. As far as mixes are concerned, he puts out some memorable ones. Always chock full of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and other funky nuggets, his b-boy aesthetic and turntablist mind set make for a really good mix, no matter what the genre. We figured we’d start off the week with an excellent mix of sampled library tunes from the crates of this talented digger, producer, and DJ. This was just released, and it, of course has taken mixcloud by storm, jumping to number one. You see, Mr. Thing has a knack for keen mixing and very tight scratches, not to mention a superior selection of super choons from all over the globe. The music on this mix, like most library records was made for television and movie soundtracks. Known and unknown, these often funky tracks are coveted and sampled by beat heads and funk aficionados all over the globe. The mix is like listening to some TV detective series while not looking at the screen. The music is so strong, who cares whether the private dick solves the crime. We’re in it for the drums, and there are plenty of them in this just about 40 minutes of goodness. Originally recorded for Boba Fatt and his Itch FM radio show to commemorate his 100th episode, we’re happy to help spread the love of this mix on FleaMarket Funk. File under heavy drums, rocking doubles, and just good music put together by one of the best. Art work by Tarl/DJ Mofingaz. Stream the mix below.

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