The Library Music Film

Library Film 2If you ever wondered where the music for your favorite 70’s television show or film came from, look no more. Super talented musician and library music enthusiast Shawn Lee, along with film makers Paul Elliot and Sean Lamberth are putting together a film about the history of library music. So far they have spoken to major players who were there making the music, as well as the keepers of the torch of today. Those who champion and help preserve this one of a kind music, that for the most part is not a topic that the public is talking about when they speak about great musicians. Godfathers like Alan Hawkshaw (The Hawk), Keith Mansfield, Dave Richmond, John Cameron and Barbara Moore wax poetic along side driving musical forces and experts of today like Fatboy Slim, Jonny Trunk, Tim “Love” Lee, DJ Cherrystones, Jazzman Gerald, and more. They’ll be speaking about all the top library studio records and their history that you may (or may not) be familiar with: KPM, Bosworth, Chappell, DeWolfe, and many more.

“This film is an important legacy for the unsung heroes that composed some of the greatest music ever written. Some of these fantastic yet anonymous musicians have sadly died, but we have a great opportunity to hear stories from the pioneers that are still with us and realize the influence that they have had on modern music.”

These are the labels that made the music and the people that are behind it. You’ll get their story, but there is more. They are based out of London, and are trying to raise money to go to Los Angeles, CA to interview producers, DJs, collectors, and musicians who are involved in collecting and the making of library music both then, and now. This is film is not just a passion project, but in our opinion, one of the most important documentations of the genre ever put down on film. They have some great premiums, but really at the end, it’s about preserving this very special type of music, and bringing it the recognition it so rightly deserves. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the preservation of an art as well. Check out Shawn Lee below talking about this most important project.

Donate to the project here.

Check out their facebook page as well.

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