World Premiere Video: Lexsoul Dancemachine – Beef Grinder

LexFunk music has no boundaries, which is evident from the many diverse bands we highlight here on FleaMarket Funk. It seems though, as of late, Estonia is knee deep in funky stuff. Along with Misha Panfilov Sound Combo, the six man outfit Lexsoul Dancemachine are ready to burn the country’s funk ethic into your brains. Today we bring you the world premiere of the video of their first single from their 2 x Lp Deus Lex Machina, released in late December 2015. The animation was created by artist August Varustin, whose inspirations for this project are Family Guy and Don Hertzfeldt among others. He wanted to capture Lexsoul Dancemachine’s high energy presence with these characters who sprung to life from the very influences we have mentioned. We think it’s spot on. The tune itself is a turbo charged, funky dance party with a bass line that kills and a back beat that is guaranteed to fill dance floors. The catchy hook of “Gon Grind It Up!” grows on you, don’t be afraid to say it out loud. As we sit here mercilessly nodding our head at our desk, if we close our eyes, the studio is transformed into some late night sweaty club where patrons are making moves to jangly guitars and a break down that begs you to move faster. Known for tearing up stages and clubs in Estonia and surrounding areas, these talented cats are ready to dominate the world with their very special brand of funk on one side and sweet soul on the flip. It’s like the Electric Six and Bohannon had a child and it grew up to be Lexsoul Dancemachine. Known for their extremely hard work ethic and their never ending stage presence aka they’re like the Energizer rabbit up there, they don’t quit. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this band. It just goes to show you no matter where you are in this world, funk really has no boundaries. It doesn’t discriminate, and can always start a party. The Lexsoul Dancemachine door is open, bring your own beer and get ready to par-tay. Take your shoes off and grind it up with a band that knows how to make you move on the dance floor until the cops come and break it up. Even then, they might just join in because they can’t resist the sounds. Check out the World Premiere of the video below:

Listen to the band on Soundcloud.

Buy the full length record here.

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One response to “World Premiere Video: Lexsoul Dancemachine – Beef Grinder

  1. Awesome stuff! Would love to see them perform in some huge festival in scandinavia. Ive heard they put up quite a show!

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