Tall Black Guy – The Heart Of The Town

Tall Black Guy Latest 3 16Busy is one of the words we always use to describe Tall Black Guy. The talented Detroit beatmaker and producer seems to always be dropping heat all over the world. Fresh off of his Plain Jane release “JB Suite I and II”, which is a must, because it’s funky fresh and an early release for that label. This means it will be scarce sooner rather than later. On this latest production “The Heart Of The Town”, TBG hits us off with some heavy Bollywood funk that is really mind blowing. From the deep bass line to the crisp drums and spacey echoes that just continue to burrow deep inside your ears and mind, the track shows Mr. Terrel Wallace’s diversity. He doesn’t discriminate samples, and easily can transform, in this case, a dope sample into a full on journey through space and time. The layered synths lends itself nicely to the variety of bubbling sounds that lead you on the journey that started out with just one vocal sample and built itself into a wall of sound. We love to see TBG repping the D world wide, and if you have been following this man throughout his career, you know that this beat is a special one. Check it out below and listen to more Tall Black Guy in the link below, including his latest 7″ out of the Plain Jane camp.

More music here.

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