AEON SEVEN – Lowdown Spectrum

Lowdown SpectrumHere’s a project that should get your blood pumping on a Tuesday morning. What would you say if someone made a 10 minutes plus mix of original vinyl records traveling at the speed of one beat? Impossible? No way? GTFOHWTS? Well, we’re here to tell you it is all possible ladies and gentlemen, and it is pretty mind blowing. Not only is the audio spot on, but the video trip included is some of the best we have seen. With appearances from everyone from Wild Bill Burroughs to Peanut Butter Wolf masquerading as Donovan to Serge Gainsbourg to Motherlode and Donald Austin and beyond, this has to be one of the most clever mixes we have encountered in a while. Where else can Chuck D wax poetic alongside The Nite Liters and Lalo Schifrin and Cannonball Adderley hold hands in harmony? On AEON SEVEN’s Lowdown Spectrum, that’s where. Filled with tough to get 45s and many well known digger records, this beat filled vinyl concoction is definitely a winner. We preferred to watch the video, as the tripped out visuals are not to be missed, but we confess we’re excited to be able to pump this where ever we go with the audio. Check out both types below from this French maestro.

Buy the project heree.

Keep Diggin’!

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