The Allergies (feat. Andy Cooper) – Rock Rock

Allergies Rock RockWhoah! You want drums? This record has them. Hard drums. Drums that make you go slap your momma. Hell, slap someone else’s momma. Jalapeno Records drops another blazing 45 for your ear holes with The Allergies featuring Andy Cooper “Rock Rock”. Not familiar with Andy Cooper? He’s one part of the legendary hip hop group Ugly Duckling, and this dude can rap his ass off. His collaboration recently with Origu Records out of Germany (“Room To Breathe”) was dope, and if you haven’t heard his ode to Charlie Brown, well, you need to discover it. “Rock Rock” is fast, tongue twisting rhymes at its best. Clever, off the hip, cheeky, and catchy rhymes make JJ Fad look embarrassed. It’s furthering the greatness that “Alphabet Aerobics” was to the late ’90’s.. This seven inch is hip hop at its purest form. Drums for years, dope samples, and an emcee that can rhyme over it all day, every day. The video, which is really an added bonus to rocking doubles of this monster should not be missed either. We cosign it heavily. Filmed on location in Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood Hills and San Pedro, it also features some cameo shots from Bristol, UK. That’s what we feel is missing for us these days, a video that equals the dopeness of a track. Let’s not just talk about Andy Cooper, because the Bristol duo The Allergies have been reshaping vintage sounds for the dance floor since 2012. It’s quite evident that these guys are a master of their craft, and this lead single from their Jalapeno debut As We Do Our Thing is top notch. All around top production and performance make this record a must have for your record box. Guaranteed to get them dancing, even with two left feet. Check out the video below, and pre-order the record available April 1st as well.

Buy the record here.

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