Questlove’s somethingtofoodabout

somethingtofoodaboutWhen we interviewed Questlove for Dust & Grooves a few years ago, it was evident he was a busy dude. Sliding between The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as a bandleader, DJing full time, playing with the Roots, teaching at NYU, and then, working on his own restaurant endeavors, it was evident that the talented musician had his hands in a lot of things he was passionate about. On the food tip, little did we know he was brewing a unique project that combined many of his passions for a new book entitled somethingtofoodabout: Exploring Creativity with Innovative Chefs, available on April 12th from Clarkson Potter.

This is not your typical food book. It’s more about the ideas behind food. Think of it as a tour through different food studios.- Questlove

We were aware that Questo dug food. His instagram account was a flurry of photos from his travels and it often included unique culinary offerings, so much that his other instagram account Questlovesfood is just that: all about food. So you know the dude is serious about his eats. Somethingtofoodabout has Questo sitting down with ten inspiring chefs to talk creativity, innovation, food, art, and food as art. Conversations with Ludo Lefebvre, Daniel Humm, Dominique Crenn, Nathan Myhrvold, Donald Link, and others really opens your eyes and ears on what goes through the minds of these innovative culinary masters. The journey takes the reader all over the country; from Portland, to NYC to his hometown of Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, and beyond to explore each chef’s personal histories as well as their philosophies of their craft. Packed stunning still life photography by world renowned photographer Kyoko Hamada, and a forward by Anthony Bourdain, it’s a food book like no other. An enjoyable read whether you are serious foodie or not, this deep dive into the culinary world where food is art and the chefs are the artists is well worth it. The parallel of what musicians and chefs do is unmistakable, and Questlove brings that to the forefront in somethingtofoodabout. Highly recommended.

Pre-order the book here.

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