Dick’s Beat Market – Scorpio Love

Medina Scorpio LoveJesus Christo, when the music hits you, you feel no pain. I mean zero. This newest seven inch from the RBMBoots camp is just that. Try to just listen to this snippet below once. You won’t be able to. It’s got the right amount of R & B love and then those drums, those drums. They put it over the top for us. This is one record you don’t want to miss out on. Put together by one of the baddest DJs (and producers) on the planet (among other things) Rich Medina, this is by far our current favorite at the moment. One of the few dudes that can aurally take you on a trip around the world musically by decade and then back, this record brings not only good feelings back when hearing it, it defines the words “special feelings, special times.” An instant party starter, we are excited to drop this on our all 45 nights for sure. This will not stick around long, as it’s a vinyl only release, no digital whatsoever. And that, we dig. Vinyl rules kids, and you all know how we feel about that. so instead of waiting in line for the Top Gun Soundtrack this Saturday, why not get a real exclusive from the good folks at RBMBoots and Dick’s Beat Market. You will not be disappointed, and you’ll get to sleep later. Sounds good to us.

Get this LIMITED EDITION vinyl only release here.

Keep Diggin’!

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