DJ 10/6: Threw The Looking Glass

Threw The Looking GlassWe’ve always been curious about psychedelic rock here at FleaMarket Funk, and have dabbled in it quite a bit, but like any genre, there is so much to learn. That’s what intrigues us. We’re always learning from guys like Edan, who throw a psychedelic night at The Leadbelly in NYC, and from our good buddy Devil Dick, who has put us on to many a fuzzy guitar laden, heavy drum record. We are still bumping the Trap Door Mix from way way back too, it’s a classic and never gets old. Cut Chemist even had an eerie psych-folk mix he snuck in a few years ago. These are ones we can think of off of the top of our head. Enter DJ 10/6 out of Las Vegas, NV. His series Threw The Looking Glass is a trip that we all need to take. Combining heavy psych rock records, b-boy anthems and hip hop samples, you can tune in, turn on, and drop out with your headphones on (or not). This is one of the slickest mixes in the genre we have heard in a while. Made from all original vinyl (and you know we dig that), are you ready to die and be reborn? If so, press play on the first track and let the music take your mind over. Using artists such as David Axelrod, Aceyalone, Small Faces, Sparrow, Ultimate Spinach, Cressida, Orange Peel, Ian Matthews, Mr. Floods Party, Parrish & Gurvitz, Elastic Prism, Open Mind, Airto, Aguaviva, Lloyd Price, Curved Air, Annette Peacock, Young Flowers, Shocking Blue, Colosseum, Silver Apples, Nina Simone, Tupac, Gloria Loring, Lodi, Illusion, Mike Maineiri, Beacon Street Union, Titanic, Steel Mill, Elephants Memory, Krs-One, and more to control the trip. We’re excited to feature this mix on FMF today.

Threw The Looking Glass 2

More DJ 10/6 goodness here.

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One response to “DJ 10/6: Threw The Looking Glass

  1. so you’re not bi-curious, you’re psy-curious… excellent mix, bummer they aren’t for download, i’d pay to have a copy of this!

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