Flipbin Vinyl Storage

Flipbin 3Have you ever wished that you had a bin that would hold vinyl records, perhaps enough for playing on your turntable at a party or while making a mixtape? How about one that might hold all your new arrivals in one spot so that you could access them quickly? Well, you’re in luck. The good people at flipbin have got you covered. They’re launching a Kickstarter campaign today for their special flipbin vinyl storage, and you can help bring this special project to life. Here’s some facts about flipbin:

– The ability to quick flip through records recerates the intuitive record store browsing experience we all crave.
– The 33 is for 12”s and holds approximately 33 Lps or 12″ singles
– The 45 is for 7”s and holds approximately 45 7″ records
– Custom, hand-tooled, laser cut aluminum, formed and made in Chicago, w/ various finishes including powder-coated and anodized aluminum.
– Injected Molded Polycarbonate available.
– A patented kickstand feature provides maximum stability when fully stocked with your favorite albums.
– 15 degrees from vertical provides the optimal angle for proper storage and maximum visibility of album artwork.

A visual representation of each of the flipbin’s features here.

Here are few more shots of the 33 and 45:

Flipbin 1
Flipbin 2
Flipbin 45

We have tested the 33 here in the FleaMarket Funk labs and we have to tell you, this thing is fantastic. We’re looking forward to using this as the official organizer for all of our mixes moving forward. We took a short video, so have a look and tell us what you think. We were flipping w/ one hand and holding the camera with the other, and it still was a breeze.

Back flipbin here.

Follow flipbin on Instagram.

Check them out in Chicago & NYC for RSD with Numero group as well.

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