Nothing Leaves The Archive: First Word x The John Peel Archive

FWR-JPA-1Photo Courtesy First Word Records

Although this may be old news to some, we still thought it was pertinent to the culture. A while back, First Word Records got into the John Peel Archive and were permitted to dig through and sample some of the collection for an exclusive 7″ that was released a few weeks ago on RSD. This release was the final release of a trilogy of RSD records, both previously sampled exclusively from Mr. thing’s record collection. First Word got producers Tall Black Guy, Kidkanevil, Eric Lau (via Skype) & Mr Thing in to Peel’s inner sanctum and while completely overwhelmed (who wouldn’t be), got the necessary samples for this project. The project itself is dope, but honestly, looking around the archives and seeing the sheer amount of records that Peel had, the meticulous way he had it organized, and the random WFMU sticker and Liverpool memorabilia were an extra cherry on top.

Mr Thing TBG at John Peels StudioMr. Thing and Tall Black Guy in awe of John Peel’s record collection. Notice the WFMU sticker on the wall!

Seriously people, this would be an absolute dream. At one point, they speak on the 65,000 seven inch records, that’s just 45s! As you can see from the video, floor to ceiling records all over. What a thrill for those lads, and what a thrill for us to get a peek. We’ve been able to get in many times before, whether on the web interactively or through various collaboration videos with Peel’s Archives. This is one of the best collaborations we have seen. A great inspiration for those of us who are about to embark on a weekend of WFMU digging. Thanks to all involved in this project and to First Word Records for sharing.

Check out the video below.

More on First Word Records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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