Dilla’s Delights

Dilla's DelightsThis just in, and we think it’s pretty cool. Dilla’s Delights, a Detroit doughnut shop inspired by the late, great J.Dilla opened today in the D. The company has been delivering doughnuts all over the city for years, and now after a three year highly anticipated wait, they will open a brick and mortar spot. Like the now famous Pizza Napolitano that moved out of NYC years ago, this doughnut shop (which for now makes the doughnuts off site) will only stay open until the last delight is served. So basically, first come, first serve. Get your doughnuts before someone else does! Outfitted with a turntable that plays music sampled and inspired by Dilla and other great records (which the owners traded patrons doughnuts for records), it’s said that the records must be played in their entirety or not at all. Now that is something we like. No quick mixing while waiting for your treats. We think that this is a great tribute to the late producer, and we’re sure it will keep the community coming back for the 15 flavors of organic doughnuts (with vegan options) for years to come. Detroit is on the way up, it will get there. Here’s a shining example of honoring one of the city’s greatest and serving the community as well. The legacy of Jay Dee lives on…..through more doughnuts and music.

More info here.

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