Samm Henshaw – Our Love

Sam Henshaw by Daniel Alexander HarrisPhoto Courtesy of Daniel Alexander Harris

Music is a powerful thing. It can hit you at at any given time. While juggling a million things here at FleaMarket Funk: writing, freelance writing, gigs, consulting, and chasing children, it sometimes gets a little hectic. But when a track like this comes across your desk, it makes you realize that being busy doing what you love isn’t such a bad thing. South London based singer Samm Henshaw does what he loves, and that’s make soulful music. The singer/songwriter/ producer has just dropped a track from his upcoming full length The Sound Experiment 2, available July 15th. The follow up to The Sound Experiment in 2015, there is something about this track that gets right under your skin and has you reaching to play it over and over. We’re hearing some Leon Bridges and D’Angelo in there, obvious influences to the 22 year old vocal king. It’s feel good music at its best, a soulful journey with a solid back beat lovely keys, and a driving bass line all propelling Henshaw’s crooning to a higher level. With gospel and R&B elements present, we could definitely see this cat getting more airplay, as it premiered on BBC 1Xtra recently.

I wrote ‘Our Love,” he says now, “about a story my Dad tells from when he first started dating my Mum: his family didn’t approve, but he didn’t care.- Samm Henshaw

What we dig is the warm, fuzzy feeling this track gives us. Released in 2016 but with a mid ’70’s feel, this side will be wooing audiences throughout his busy summer touring schedule. Check the track below, and then his website for tour dates. This one’s a keeper for sure. Feelgood music wins once again.

Check out his website for more info here.

Keep Diggin’!

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