Big Ups Ups with Boca 45

Boca 45 Polaroid_600Scott Hendy aka Boca 45 is a busy man. The Bristol, UK native has been representing 45 rpm culture for a long time. A talented DJ, digger, and producer, his collaborations with DJ Andy Smith (Dynamo Productions), Gee Ealey (Malachai), DJ Woody (BocaWoody) plus a grip of collabos and solo projects have put him on the radar of people world wide. Always on the quest for more 45s and the promotion of 45 culture, he is the co-founder of the site/ collective 45 Live. Spreading the gospel of the seven inch record from festival to festival and country to country, Boca 45 is a train that doesn’t stop, unless you have some 45s to dig through. We’re excited to feature him today in Big Ups. Enjoy!

Boca 45 Big Ups Page 1

Boca 45 Big Ups Page 2

Boca 45 Big Ups Page 3

Boca 45 Big Ups Page 4

Check out Boca 45 here.

Stop by the 45 Live site.

Keep Diggin’!

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