San Lazaro – Amor De Despedida

San LazaroToday, with this record by San Lazaro, it’s an introduction of the ten year old Melbourne, Australia Latin band for a lot of readers. It’s also La Despedida, or farewell to this special band on their last record. They’ve broken up before, but this time it’s the last hurrah. Brought together from places like Cuba, Catalonia, and Chile to Australia with their love of Latin rhythms and music, they have been making proper Latin music for a decade. Drawing inspiration from Son Montuno, New York Salsa from the ’70’s, Afrocuban Rumba, Peruvian Cumbia, with a little Chilean folk protest thrown in to round it out, these lost children from different backgrounds all ended up in the same continent making beautiful music together. With no boundaries a love for the culture that goes with this music as much as the music itself, San Lazaro set out to their tales through music. And tell tales they have, for the past decade. For us here at FMF, this record represents musicians again holding the torch of the past, passing it on to future generations of listeners who may not be familiar with these genres. It’s not like today’s Latin music, charismatic and glittering. It’s stripped down to the bone, simple, and despite the fact that it’s all in Spanish, the band isn’t worried that the audience doesn’t know what they are saying. It’s all about a feel, and even if you’re not familiar with Peruvian Cumbia, or NYC Salsa, you can still feel it in your soul. The listener can sit right along side these musicians and ‘feels the feels’, and you have a strong feeling of not standing still. San Lazaro have that with their music. “Amor De Despedida”, the first taste from the record, is an caliente as it is hermosa. This is how Latin music should be made. A vintage sound that in our opinion never goes out of style. Like the USPS, San Lazaro deliver no question. The big difference is they are never late, and they’re completely on point. This record will stand the test of time. You’ll see, when they get back together in another 10 years, these Latin sounds will still sound just as fresh. Check out the single below and get more info on the release as well.

Get the LP available July 22nd from Hope Street Recordings here.

Download the track “‘Amor De Despedida’ ” for FREE here.

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