Fred – Love Can Last Forever

Fred Love Can Last Forever 45Timminon Records is a label that takes its soul music seriously. Whether it is the soul siren Nicole Willis, the legend Willie West, or the bountiful releases by various Soul Investigators and extended family, soul music is their business. So it’s only fitting that the first release on their new Stylart imprint leave a good impression on soul lovers. “Love Can Last Forever” by Fred, is a record that will be talked about for years. This slow burner is soul with a capital S. As Fred croons over some guitar and horn stabs, this self proclaimed ‘complicated man’ proceeds to tear the roof off of this ballad. One of the best slow jams we have heard in a long time, this track proves that the falsetto rules in any decade. Given bands like The Jack Moves and now Fred, champion the soulful, quiet storm sound, we are interested in hearing what this magic man on the vocals has cooking in the kitchen for us. Word on the street is that there are a few heaters lined up. With the Soul Investigators providing the back drop for love, you simply can not go wrong. Now, if you prefer your soul a bit faster, you’re not going to find it here. it’s sweet like pure sugar cane, honey, and we can’t think of anything sweeter. The flip, as always, is the soul dub version aka the instrumental, which is a bonus. What we also love is not just the simplicity of the song itself, which speaks volumes, but the label artwork, which is a nod to years gone. Often these minimally designed records packed a PUNCH. Not always, but inconspicuously many were disguised as heat. Not even done on purpose either. That’s the case in this new release. Just a good record all together that is HEAT. Check out the track below:

Get the record, available June 10th here.

Keep Diggin’!

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