Gratitude, And That’s Right.

Gratitude ClipToday is an important day. My father is a veteran. I’ve got friends that are veterans. They decided to join the armed forces to keep us safe back home. With that huge responsibility comes sacrifice. Some who joined never came back. They sacrificed their lives so people like me can do things like this site, which touch a lot of people around the world through music. Today, in my own way, I wanted to express my extreme Gratitude to all the people who gave their lives so that the people back here can be free and do what they want. Thank You for doing that. While Memorial Day is more about getting loaded, having a BBQ, and acting a fool to many people, perhaps one can keep in the back of their mind what it’s really about.

Gratitude, And That’s Right.

The Beastie Boys sung about gratitude, paying homage to many things including Pink Floyd’s Live From Pompeii. I’m using this soundtrack today to express that gratitude I have. You can think about it and express it in your own way, but to me, this song says it all.

Keep Diggin’!

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